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Masons stock a wide range of laminated boards in either Hardwood or Softwood. We have our own brand ‘Craftsman’s Pine’ created for the DIY woodworker, ‘Square Edge Furniture Boards’ ideal for manufacturing and retail sale and Hardwood boards for customers wanting a hardwood finish.

Craftsman's Pine

Masons “Craftsman’s Pine” is the original top quality laminated pine board made especially for the creative D.I.Y woodworker. Produced from European Redwood, each board is individually shrinkwrapped and labelled.

Square Edge Furniture Boards

Masons “Square Edge Furniture Boards” are ideal for the manufacturer and retail stores requiring a quality board for furnishing and DIY projects. Produced from European Redwood, each board comes sanded ready to paint.

Hardwood Laminated Boards

Masons Hardwood Laminated Boards have been produced to meet the customers growing demand for hardwood finishes. We have available from stock three different types of Hardwood boards.

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